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Kill the plumber 10 times

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Yesterday the team and I received a message from our boss that sadly, with how things have been going, it isn't sustainable anymore and we are being let go as of December 23rd. Work itself ends sooner, which for me will be the 6th of December. That'll be my last work day.

This did not entirely came unexpected, but I still thought we were doing alright and were going to be able to continue for a while. At least well into 2024.

This was with Pencilmation. However, work on Pencilmation already concluded much earlier, as it just didn't do well anymore. So we tried a lot of other stuff. GMOD animations as well at one point, with Mario. That ultimately did not do well either and we went back to creating a new animation channel, focused on current trends. It started off with Garten of Banban stuff, but ultimately we did only Skibidi stuff. It was quite an adjustment, but in the end, I do think we all made some funny stuff with it regardless. And some videos did pretty good, but unfortunately it just wasn't sustainable.

Me and several others were let go. A lot of the team was also let go last year during December, when Pencilmation itself just kept tumbling down. It's really sad to see a team that I worked with, having to rely on the sinister workings of Youtube.. It definitely is not easy.

I have worked with Pencilmation since November 2016, where I was contacted by the boss himself to try out a storyboard, which he loved! And from there on out, I kept working with them. A total of 7 fantastic years have I worked there! Learned so much, met several great artists and made some new friends too. I will keep in touch with most of them, but it does suck that all this came to an end.

Unto new adventures I suppose, lol


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