2016-12-02 17:16:55 by DoodlingHitman

Hey all!

I bet you're all wondering why I haven't been uploading at all. What? No? Oh.. Well..




The reason I haven't been uploading much is still because of school, BUT! Not only that. I got approached by a Youtuber who has an animation channel. He saw my stuff on Tapastic and really liked it. He asked me if I would be interested in sketching out storyboards for him. I immediately agreed of course. I recently finished one storyboard and received $300 for it!


I've never been happier before, haha! For the first time I earned actual cash with my drawings!  :D


Just a day ago I received my 2nd storyboard to sketch out. So, I will be busy with that while also doing projects and stuff for college. So, I am quite busy and don't have the time right now to draw comics.


I will continue drawing comics of course. I just need to find some time. I've only got 3 more weeks of college left until Christmas break, so perhaps then I can draw more.  :)


That is all! Have a great weekend everyone!


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2016-12-04 22:05:06

Your first commission!? That's awesome man! :D
Hopefully this is the start of a cool new trend for ya.

Keep it up!

DoodlingHitman responds:

Indeed! I hope so too. :D



2017-05-23 13:02:51

300$ for your first commission?! CONGRATS man, that's actually pretty lucky for your first commission :P
I remember when i did my first commission i only got 15$ but YEEEH... it feels like a lot more when you earn it by doing something that you love.
Love your artwork btw, keep it up!

DoodlingHitman responds:

Haha, thanks mate! This is quite an old post though, lol.

However, I am still working for that Youtuber. I am drawing storyboards for him and finished one last week. This last one took me 11 hours to make, and 2 hours for some changes. Now I get paid $200.

My first 3 storyboards were $300, but around the start of January this year he had to cut it down to $150 because at the start of a new year he's kinda in a tough situation, he told me. But now it's going back up again to $200! :D

I am glad you love my stuff too. Although I am not a regular uploader...

If you'd like, you can check out the animations in which my sketches were used. It's pencilmation. At the moment there are 2 videos posted that I storyboarded. I did not come up with the story though, I only sketched the style.

I must say, I am quite amazed by how well the animators capture my style. :)



Please note that only the first cartoon that appears in the start of the video are storyboarded by me.


2017-05-24 05:50:22

I'm not a regular uploaded neither so i can't really judge you at all :P
Anyway, i checked these animations, i gotta say, they seem really neat, must have been a lot of fun making these story boards.

DoodlingHitman responds:

Sure is! :D