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Moar update!

2017-06-11 08:18:34 by DoodlingHitman

Just for the ones who are wondering why I still don't upload all that much. I know I've stated that I wanted to upload a lot in the past, and not just once a month or whatever. Of course I am still trying to put out more stuff at a faster rate, but it's just not that simple..


I am still drawing storyboards which is going great. I love the pay, so you could say I am actually drawing a lot. At the moment I have several things I am working on, but spend short time on them each day. I quickly get distracted also, and after drawing for a while I get a pain in my frickin neck/shoulder.


I am currently working on an E3 2017 drawing. E3 is this week, so I should finish that up quick. It's nothing too special. Just a fun yearly thing to do. Besides that I am doing a COTM from Drawing with Jazza. It's real fun to do! Besides that I have a Worms comic I am working on. Haven't continued on that for a couple of weeks now, lol.


Anywho, I just wanted to share with you guys that even though I don't upload regularyl, I am still alive and will keep drawing until my death!  :D


My Summer break of 11 weeks also starts in 2 weeks. I can't WAIT! I am planning to go skydiving this Summer.  :D


2016-12-02 17:16:55 by DoodlingHitman

Hey all!

I bet you're all wondering why I haven't been uploading at all. What? No? Oh.. Well..




The reason I haven't been uploading much is still because of school, BUT! Not only that. I got approached by a Youtuber who has an animation channel. He saw my stuff on Tapastic and really liked it. He asked me if I would be interested in sketching out storyboards for him. I immediately agreed of course. I recently finished one storyboard and received $300 for it!


I've never been happier before, haha! For the first time I earned actual cash with my drawings!  :D


Just a day ago I received my 2nd storyboard to sketch out. So, I will be busy with that while also doing projects and stuff for college. So, I am quite busy and don't have the time right now to draw comics.


I will continue drawing comics of course. I just need to find some time. I've only got 3 more weeks of college left until Christmas break, so perhaps then I can draw more.  :)


That is all! Have a great weekend everyone!

Operation was a success

2016-06-04 19:17:32 by DoodlingHitman

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share the fact that my operation went well. I can even eat very well, though food must be chopped up fine. But this has all gone so much better than expected.

Walking around goes better too. Kinda weird knowing that I now have hip bone in my mouth, lol.

So yeah, I gotta work hard on school at home the next 2 weeks if I want to have early summer break. Gonna try my best for that. Then I will have more time for my drawings.   :D

If everything goes amazing, I should receive my 9 week summerbreak on my birthday!  :D

Brand (new) Name

2016-05-19 13:52:07 by DoodlingHitman

Hey all, hope we're in the mood for the weekend after tomorrow!  :D

Anyways, I now officially changed my name to Doodling Hitman. That's what I want to go by now. Unfortunately, for Newgrounds and Deviantart it will stay III H1TMaN III since you need to be a supporter in order to be able to change your name.

If you ask me, that's pretty silly. I don't want to spend tons of cash to change my name. I had 10 euros left on my Xbox that I didn't know about. It was the exact price of changing your gamertag. So, I did. But, having to do the same on this website and Deviantart is kinda.. lame..

I might however do it for Newgrounds since you can become a monthly supporter for only 2,99 or so. The only thing I don't know is, if my subscription will end, will my username go back to the first one I had? So, yeah..

I want to become something on my own, you know? With a nice and not too hard of a name. I like Doodling Hitman a lot. And it's way better to find than III H1TMaN III.

The only thing that I absolutely need to do though.. is..

MAKE COMICS MORE FREQUENTLY! I sure as hell don't spend enough time on drawing. I don't know why.. I am usually very tired and then drawing just won't work..

But I'll try to better myself! Soon I will have summerbreak, and then I can draw LOTS!!!


But... June 2nd I will have an operation where they put bone from my hip into my jaw. I'll be resting after that for a while, so I am not sure if I'll be able to draw a lot.  

Thanks for stopping by!   :D

Uploads, randomly now. :p

2016-03-13 17:04:36 by DoodlingHitman

Yeah, so.. I thought doing weekly uploads would be achievable for me, right? But it's actually quite difficult.

My schedule for school has got quite the long days. And I have to travel 3 hours in total with the bus each school day. I am often home at 17:30. So, as you can maybe imagine, I am quite butt-tired by then.

It leaves me with no energy to fullfill my resolution of uploading an art piece each week. I do draw, but only bit by bit, really.

And the thought was kinda stressing me out. "Oh, it's already the weekend and you have nothing ready to upload! YOU HAVE NO CONSITENCY!"


I just want to inform you all that weekly uploads are no longer a guarantee. I will however try my best to finish my drawings/comics as fast as I can. I really don't want to upload just one thing a month..

So, hopefully you can all forgive me for not staying true to my new years resolution.  :[

But, I am nowhere near done with drawing comics! I merely just begun!   :D

No upload this week..

2016-02-21 07:03:47 by DoodlingHitman

Okay, I know I said I would at least upload something each week. But, this week I really had no time. 

Last weekend I slept at my friend's place with 3 other friends. So I couldn't draw. Then I had school again. Now, I could draw when I got home, right? But not really. 

See, my friend's parents are away until next week thursday. Now he stays over with me after school, and this weekend too. So I have had next to no time for myself. Neither today. My friend will be here in 1 hour, lol. But we just play games and relax.   :3

Next weekend I'll have lots of times to myself again! And even better, I have one week off from school!  :D

So please don't assume I ditched my resolution. I am still keeping that. But there may be times that I really can't draw comics. Sucks though..   :[


New content every week!

2016-01-10 13:56:00 by DoodlingHitman

Hey all, it's me! The procrastinator!  :D

BUT NO MORE! Oh no, not this year, bruh!

It's my 2016 resolution to at least upload one thing each week. Whether it be a one image drawing or a comic, there will always be something each week.

And if I have like 1 hour left to upload something, then.. A quick ass sketch will do.  ;)

But yeah.. I am done with not drawing things and just keep on delaying. I have all these excuses that I am always tired of school and that I want to play games in the free time I have left. But those things will stay no matter what, so I'll have to draw eventually. It's not that I hate to draw, hell no! It's my 2nd greatest hobby besides gaming.  

I also found a way to be able to upload more. Worms and Fwends take me longer since I color and shade them. That's why I'll make some random comics from time to time as well since these don't take me too long. I've made two so far. The lottery one and the turkey one. I think these are received well.

This post was more or less just an update on how frequently I'll post new content.  :]

Have a great day, asshats!  :D

PS: And to make you stop doubting, I work ahead! I already have a sketch done of a new Worms comic. It's only 4 panels so I'll surely be able to finish that within next week. And, I won't directly post it when it is done, no. I will wait until I have two pieces done. That way I can upload comics, but save one for the end of each week so I'll always have something to post for you to enjoy.

I am looking into always uploading something on either a friday or saturday as those 2 days are kinda the best days. You know, with the weekend and all.  :]

Bai bai!  :D

Jaw Operation Incoming...

2015-07-03 21:21:41 by DoodlingHitman

Well.. Next week on tuesday I have to endure another jaw operation. It's all for good causes in the end, but during the healing time it kinda sucks. 

I won't be able to eat delicious food for like 4-5 weeks. I have to deal with liquified stuff then.  |:[

Oh well.. I am just sharing this because this may result in me not drawing anything for awhile. I hope it won't and that I keep my drawing spirit!

But with my first jaw operation I didn't feel like doing much for a couple of weeks. My whole face was swollen up and it will be again this time. I just wanted to sleep the whole time and rest.

Hopefully it'll be different this time. I don't want to let my whole summer go to waste. 

Have a great summer all!  :]

Not a word from Team 17..

2015-01-31 08:27:41 by DoodlingHitman

Hey all, sorry I haven't been active for a long ass time. I only have myself and my darn laziness to blame for it. I recently posted my 4000th drawing thing and said I wouldn't draw something anymore for a long time. But I don't want to stop drawing for a very long time.. I want to keep improving and thanks to Syrupmasterz's comment on my latest art piece I regained my faith! Once again, thanks a lot Syrupmasterz!  :3

I don't know for how long I will refrain from posting a new drawing or comic. I think I want to draw a bunch of comics first and then once I finish those I will be able to post a comic every week. Or twice a week.. I dunno yet. 

But besides that, let's talk about that job opportunity I could get all the way back in september last year. During november I believe the community manager of Team 17 told me they would wanted to revisit the worms comics idea in january. Well, today is the last day of january and I still got no email back from him. I sent 2 emails this month asking about it, but I haven't received a single word.

I tried contacting him on Facebook too because that's where he first asked me about the worms comics. He hasn't replied to my private messages and didn't accept my friend request either. Even though he was online from time to time. 

I think they don't want me to create the weekly worms comics anymore. There is also this other guy in our worms guild group on Facebook who can draw worms really well and also animate them. And his friend request did get accepted. So I think they wanted to hire that guy instead of me. Not sure, but it is a possibility. 

So yeah, I am pretty sure I won't get hired to create weekly worms comics. The least Team 17's community manager could've done though is send me an email saying that I won't get hired or something. They've kept me waiting for months. And that sucks. 

I don't mind I don't get hired now. Sure it would've been awesome, but it's not like that was my only chance. I'll keep drawing worms for now because I love those jolly fuckers.  :)

I just wanted to inform you all about what has happened during all that time. 

Have a great day all!  :D


Waiting for job approval

2014-10-10 11:30:18 by DoodlingHitman

Well.. Team 17's community manager told me that his boss needs a bit more convincing on how my worms comics will fit within their wider strategy. The community manager needs to write and propose a long term strategy.

He told me this would take a couple of weeks. Hopefully he'll contact me back this month. But I doubt I'll get hired and payed for my comics.

It was too good to be true to be honest.. But oh well. I almost got a gaming company to pay me for my comics. I'll keep drawing because I just love it and who knows, I might make some money with it later.  :]

I have 3 worms comics finished and ready to show, but just in case I get hired I keep them aside for now.