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DoodlingHitman's News

Posted by DoodlingHitman - October 12th, 2020

this post is just to inform those who used to follow me for whatever reason that I am no longer on twitter. it's been nice actually. twitter was often a negative place to me. lots of dumb arguments and hate.

in case curious, the words "retarded, retards" is what got me suspended. I expressed these words towards a post where people were being hateful and racist, so i called them retards, but i guess twitter loves racists and people who spread hate because i got suspended before, for calling a racist a retard.

i do not know where i will post my drawings from now on. newgrounds is kind of a hassle to me with all the things you have to set-up to post a doodle. i did recently make an instagram account, but that was more to get access to the account of my work.

i usually post some of my doodles here and there in discord groups, but that is about it. i mostly work on Pencilmation, so a lot of personal work/doodles aren't made anyway, which is fine.

so all in all, i am not dead, but i am not going to be active much on social media anymore.

adios! :)


Posted by DoodlingHitman - March 4th, 2018

Hello everyone,

I sincerely want to apologize for my lack of uploads, but do know that I am actually drawing. Mostly just storyboards. 
I am currently putting in most of my drawing time on sketching storyboards for pencilmation. It's fucking fantastic, but I could do a whole lot more. I need to defeat my laziness, which I really want to work on. Gonna start exercising for a little bit each day from now on and gain my energy later on so I won't be so sleepy all the time. My condition is really terrible since I couldn't even do a simple push up this morning...

Onto something else. 

The greatest thing has happened to me! I found my perfect soulmate!!!  :D
She is absolutely stunning, gorgeous, talented as hell and such a kind sweetheart! I couldn't be more happier and I will be meeting up with her personally this year in July. I can't fricking waaaaaiiiiitttt!!!!  :'D

I've been doodling with her which I have enjoyed so much, it's literally a dream come true. Talking with her each day is what I look forward to doing the most. She makes me incredibly happy!  <3

So that's also why I haven't really been uploading anything.. But it is going really great with my life.  :D

Also, many special thanks to you, Syrupmasterz!

You've been a wonderful person and extremely helpful and nice! I can't thank you enough for all the support you've given me! You've truly helped me out a lot during difficult times, and I just wanted to let you know that I'll never forget that. I owe you lots! Hit me up if you ever need anything bro, I will do everything in my power to help you out as well!  :)

That is all! ^3^



Posted by DoodlingHitman - December 30th, 2017

Hello my dear children,


My activity regarding uploading illustrations has been scarce as of lately. However.. There is some good news. News that might change this.


As some of you may know, I always felt too tired to draw for myself after I had gotten home from my internship at Kompas and school. Also, usually when I had my projects finished for Pencilmation, I called it quits. But here's the sexy thing. I have arranged (with Pencilmation and school) that I can use my remainder of my internship days for Pencilmation. What does that mean? It means I no longer have to leave my home to work for other companies. I can stay at home 24/7 and work on my drawings! As long as my projects with pencilmation are finished and the few school related assignments as well.


Oh, and I started to get interested in NSFW art. I might start doing that more often as well. Another small thing is, I haven't drawn at all in my sketchbook like I said in my last post. I maybe have 1/5 of it filled up. I still want to draw as much as I can, and want to learn new things. Those online courses I said I would follow. Well, I haven't completed a single one yet. I think I lost interest, I dunno.


I am not sure how to put it, but.. I am not a great artist. I don't draw as much as I should. It's this rotten feeling that says "ah. just draw another time.. go do this for now..". And then I read things from other artists that wish they could do more, but their equipment is broken or something. Meanwhile, I sit here with everything functioning, but not using it a whole lot. I feel like I am a dissapointment. I want to.. KICK this stupid feeling in the ass and become a happy artist. And now is the time that I finally get the chance to. I have all the time right now. However, with that in mind, it feels like an obligation or pure pressure to become good. Like, "he's got so much time, but he's being a lazy fuckhead".


I want to change all that. I want to become better, happier and healthier at all of this. I know it will take time, but damn it, I want to try as much as I can! So expect to at least see way more uploads in 2018 than in 2017.


Have a fantastic new years, everyone! Happy 2018!

Posted by DoodlingHitman - August 12th, 2017

Hey schmeckles!


As of now I have 4 weeks left of my beautiful summer break. After that it's back to harsh reality. Anyway, let me fill you in of what I currently am up to. I am still not dead. Like I said, that won't happen until my actual death.




I am currently following an online course to draw better. I want to teach myself more stuff to become a better artist, and to become happy with my work. Lately I am quite depressed about my skill. It is so incredibly off putting if something doesn't go right with my drawing. If I can't get it to look how I wanted, I have the urge to give up. You have so many people creating incredible content, and in such a short time also. And here I am.. taking months to make a single comic. Now, I haven't actually been working on a comic for weeks. I have been busy making sketched storyboards for Pencilmation these past few weeks. I am so glad the creator contacted me last year. He's incredibly nice and has motivated me to keep drawing. He might not even know all this about me, that I am quite.. I am not sure how to put it. I feel rather sad than depressed. Perhaps a mix of both. But yeah, working with him has been amazing, and he even purchased an Adobe Animate License for me, as long as I work for him, which truly just had me.. I was so surprised. That is the nicest thing ever! In the end, to thank him, I want to repay him back for everything. I strive to learn a lot in Adobe Animate and can't wait to create good animations. It's slightly stressfull since I get this program for free, basically. I feel like I MUST achieve greatness. I will try of course, but fear that I may not become good enough. 


Onto becoming better! 


Recently I purchased a sketchbook and will draw daily. I strive to become better. I've never kept a serious sketchbook before. I will follow online courses, Youtube tutorials and other possible ways of learning. I am also interested in making great caricature drawings. These are so much fun, but I haven't tried that yet.


It's really tough since a lot of advice from great artists is to draw every day, to keep learning, to do lots of things and never be afraid. That last one counts especially for a sketchbook. I tend to treat everything I make as something that needs to be perfect. So I need to release myself from that and act "kewl" and "loose" and just draw for fun in my sketchbook and learn new techniques in there. However, I don't know when I am doing good. Artists say to learn new things everyday and such, but what about my usual cartoony comics about Worms and whatnot? I love doing that. Is it wrong to keep doing that then? Since it's not different or whatever.. I do hope that once I learn new things I can implement those techniques into my cartoony comics to make these better and improve in quality also!


It's just that I sometimes feel I do not improve whatsoever. That's probably also because I don't draw ENOUGH at all. I give up so quickly or feel too tired. In the end, that depresses me even more. I procrastinate way too much. It is incredibly difficult to stay productive.


To me, drawing is fun, although I do strive to obtain a living with it. Whether it be with a webcomic series or some form of animations on Youtube. But do I have what it takes? Probably not, by a long shot. But that doesn't take away the fact that I will at least TRY!


What do I have to lose? Nothing. Well.. Perhaps time. I am scared to indulge too much time for nothing. What if I am just wasting my time? If I feel like I am going nowhere in the end, then my plan is to quit drawing and to focus on becoming something that will give me the chance to travel a lot around this beautiful world. I was thinking about a volunteer to save animals from all over the place. That'd be great! I don't want to spend my life in a normal day job that I don't like. It's either drawing or animal rescue around the world.


If both aren't possible? Who knows what I might end up doing...


Anyway.. This was quite the write up. I just felt like I should at least inform the fans that I have about my whereabouts. I am really sorry if you expected more from me. I am quite unstable in my art career. Not knowing how to handle it efficiently and such..


I will sign off with this. I will keep trying to create fun content as long as I am having fun with it also. That won't be an issue however. I've always drawn for the pure fact that is is fun to do. But not improving can quite hurt the enjoyment..


Have a great weekend everyone!

Posted by DoodlingHitman - June 11th, 2017

Just for the ones who are wondering why I still don't upload all that much. I know I've stated that I wanted to upload a lot in the past, and not just once a month or whatever. Of course I am still trying to put out more stuff at a faster rate, but it's just not that simple..


I am still drawing storyboards which is going great. I love the pay, so you could say I am actually drawing a lot. At the moment I have several things I am working on, but spend short time on them each day. I quickly get distracted also, and after drawing for a while I get a pain in my frickin neck/shoulder.


I am currently working on an E3 2017 drawing. E3 is this week, so I should finish that up quick. It's nothing too special. Just a fun yearly thing to do. Besides that I am doing a COTM from Drawing with Jazza. It's real fun to do! Besides that I have a Worms comic I am working on. Haven't continued on that for a couple of weeks now, lol.


Anywho, I just wanted to share with you guys that even though I don't upload regularyl, I am still alive and will keep drawing until my death!  :D


My Summer break of 11 weeks also starts in 2 weeks. I can't WAIT! I am planning to go skydiving this Summer.  :D

Posted by DoodlingHitman - December 2nd, 2016

Hey all!

I bet you're all wondering why I haven't been uploading at all. What? No? Oh.. Well..




The reason I haven't been uploading much is still because of school, BUT! Not only that. I got approached by a Youtuber who has an animation channel. He saw my stuff on Tapastic and really liked it. He asked me if I would be interested in sketching out storyboards for him. I immediately agreed of course. I recently finished one storyboard and received $300 for it!


I've never been happier before, haha! For the first time I earned actual cash with my drawings!  :D


Just a day ago I received my 2nd storyboard to sketch out. So, I will be busy with that while also doing projects and stuff for college. So, I am quite busy and don't have the time right now to draw comics.


I will continue drawing comics of course. I just need to find some time. I've only got 3 more weeks of college left until Christmas break, so perhaps then I can draw more.  :)


That is all! Have a great weekend everyone!

Posted by DoodlingHitman - June 4th, 2016

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share the fact that my operation went well. I can even eat very well, though food must be chopped up fine. But this has all gone so much better than expected.

Walking around goes better too. Kinda weird knowing that I now have hip bone in my mouth, lol.

So yeah, I gotta work hard on school at home the next 2 weeks if I want to have early summer break. Gonna try my best for that. Then I will have more time for my drawings.   :D

If everything goes amazing, I should receive my 9 week summerbreak on my birthday!  :D

Posted by DoodlingHitman - May 19th, 2016

Hey all, hope we're in the mood for the weekend after tomorrow!  :D

Anyways, I now officially changed my name to Doodling Hitman. That's what I want to go by now. Unfortunately, for Newgrounds and Deviantart it will stay III H1TMaN III since you need to be a supporter in order to be able to change your name.

If you ask me, that's pretty silly. I don't want to spend tons of cash to change my name. I had 10 euros left on my Xbox that I didn't know about. It was the exact price of changing your gamertag. So, I did. But, having to do the same on this website and Deviantart is kinda.. lame..

I might however do it for Newgrounds since you can become a monthly supporter for only 2,99 or so. The only thing I don't know is, if my subscription will end, will my username go back to the first one I had? So, yeah..

I want to become something on my own, you know? With a nice and not too hard of a name. I like Doodling Hitman a lot. And it's way better to find than III H1TMaN III.

The only thing that I absolutely need to do though.. is..

MAKE COMICS MORE FREQUENTLY! I sure as hell don't spend enough time on drawing. I don't know why.. I am usually very tired and then drawing just won't work..

But I'll try to better myself! Soon I will have summerbreak, and then I can draw LOTS!!!


But... June 2nd I will have an operation where they put bone from my hip into my jaw. I'll be resting after that for a while, so I am not sure if I'll be able to draw a lot.  

Thanks for stopping by!   :D

Posted by DoodlingHitman - March 13th, 2016

Yeah, so.. I thought doing weekly uploads would be achievable for me, right? But it's actually quite difficult.

My schedule for school has got quite the long days. And I have to travel 3 hours in total with the bus each school day. I am often home at 17:30. So, as you can maybe imagine, I am quite butt-tired by then.

It leaves me with no energy to fullfill my resolution of uploading an art piece each week. I do draw, but only bit by bit, really.

And the thought was kinda stressing me out. "Oh, it's already the weekend and you have nothing ready to upload! YOU HAVE NO CONSITENCY!"


I just want to inform you all that weekly uploads are no longer a guarantee. I will however try my best to finish my drawings/comics as fast as I can. I really don't want to upload just one thing a month..

So, hopefully you can all forgive me for not staying true to my new years resolution.  :[

But, I am nowhere near done with drawing comics! I merely just begun!   :D

Posted by DoodlingHitman - February 21st, 2016

Okay, I know I said I would at least upload something each week. But, this week I really had no time. 

Last weekend I slept at my friend's place with 3 other friends. So I couldn't draw. Then I had school again. Now, I could draw when I got home, right? But not really. 

See, my friend's parents are away until next week thursday. Now he stays over with me after school, and this weekend too. So I have had next to no time for myself. Neither today. My friend will be here in 1 hour, lol. But we just play games and relax.   :3

Next weekend I'll have lots of times to myself again! And even better, I have one week off from school!  :D

So please don't assume I ditched my resolution. I am still keeping that. But there may be times that I really can't draw comics. Sucks though..   :[